Monday, November 27, 2017

7 Modern minimalist House Balconies and charming

Balcony with summer atmosphere For a minimalist two-story house, a balcony is a very important part. Not just as a place for drying clothes, you can conjure up a balcony so most convenient place in your home. Not just to sit down and spend time alone, balcony could be a romantic place to spend time with the couple. Especially if its position right in front of the main room. Want to know the shape of the balcony House and minimalist balcony railing models for your home? Seven references below you can make a nice idea to sew the simple home balcony you!

Villa Champa

The House is located in the Balangan, Bali appeared not only in terms of natural selection of colors and materials, but also the surrounding environment. With a view as beautiful as this, it's a shame it's like if not equipped with comfortable balconies. With wooden material, balcony at Villa Champ elongated with large enough accommodate the size of your family.

Hotel Sumeru

If you want something that is minimalist and natural, you can replicate an existing hotel balcony in Semarang. Almost all of its parts were made of wood. Plus a variety of vines and the expanse of green grass below the balcony, this atmosphere will make you look like were in the middle of the forest with a refreshing view.

Modern Balinese House at Beautiful Kapok

The home living in Jakarta is to apply the concept of open park in the middle of the House. You could apply a similar concept in your home. In addition to the garden, you could put the fountain in the garden or make a swimming pool if its spatial.

Sonny Sutanto Architects New Office

If by chance you are one office building with the House, the idea of Sonny Chinese Indonesian surname Architects New Office this can you apply. For a more comfortable work atmosphere you can connect the Office space on the second floor with a balcony. Install transparent glass or door wide so that while you're away, you can just directly out onto the balcony to refresh the mind.

Samara Pictures Production House

This building is the Office an informal disdain to seek ideas and manage the variety of film production. No wonder in terms of design as well as its material, Samara Pictures Production House very minimalist, especially the balcony section. For those of you who is a are free-spirited and liked something unique, a balcony with a jarring-the Webs could be this barrier You follow. Don't forget to put a pair of lounge chairs to relax with your colleagues

Balcony Corner

No matter how small the space remaining on your balcony, don't miss the opportunity to have a relaxing room in there. By utilizing one angle only, you can still spend time chatting both with couples while gazing at the scenery under your home.

Comfy Balcony

A small balcony with comfortable padded sofa will surely become your favorite corner along with a partner. In the afternoon a variety of green plants in small pots will refresh the eyes. To improve the atmosphere of the evening, add twinkle lights to the unique decor.