Saturday, October 28, 2017

Setting The Illumination Lamps Minimalist

The living room is a room that is almost always exist in every home. The living room was good and comfortable not only seen from the living room design or furniture-furniture. But the cozy living area also has good lighting and enough, not too bright or not too dark. To that end, in addition to creating a window in your living room for air circulation and lighting, putting a lamp will also be one of the things that must be done to get a comfortable living room.
Currently, there are an awful lot of good models of lamps, chandeliers, wall lamps or lamps with various models, designs, and colors. The use of light for living room will have a major role in shaping the model of your living room. In addition to your living room can provide the more beautiful, the light generated from light can also provide a dramatic impression on your guest room.
With the large number of model design of light for living room, might be very confusion while selecting which lights should be roughly suitable for your living room. If you confusion, don't panic! Here we will share 4 tips in choosing a model lamp design for your living room!

Tips On Choosing A Model Lamp Design For Living Room:

1. Adjust the lamp model with the theme living room
First, customize your model lamp design with the theme living room in your home. If your living room is a minimalist living room lamps, select minimalism that have simple designs and natural, because this model would be well suited to your living room.

2. The size of the
Adjust the size of the lights with the size of your living room and other furniture with the size. So that the resulting mix will look more attractive and fit.

3. Color
Color selection this lamp refers to two things: first, the overall light color, and the second, the color of light that will be generated. Sometimes there are also models of lights that have different colors between the color model and color of the light. Select the color of lights that match the color of the living room or the theme of your living room.

4. Light effects
Before you buy a lamp, consider first the effect of the light produced. What is in compliance with the theme of your living room? Kinds of lights have light effects that are soft, some are hard. There is a lamp that has a small light highlight, there's that have a great lights highlight. Remember, each effect will cause a different impression on your guest room.

The following sample application I love model minimalist lamp setting: