Friday, March 9, 2018

The difference Home Classic and Modern Homes

Home design always follows the times. Times in the past, design houses still follow the style of the Dutch era, but over the changing times, changing tastes of the public. Loyal readers, this time we will Peel about desian home times used to be a house design and more crowded at this time.
The model design of the House first era certainly did not always give the impression that the classics. But if you give a touch better then surely this will give the impression that looks more unique and more beautiful. For those of you who still have the House style of the era used to or want to make a display of home decorating ideas times first then it could give a little touch of modern classical style that is more beautiful.

Design patterns home with creative concepts will result in a model that is very beautiful, of course. In this case all components of the design it is important to note for showing the impression of luxury, comfortable, beautiful and gorgeous, of course. So then the home of antiquity with classic styles can show a more modern impression again.
Well, therefore if you want to release the shadow style on classic ancient times then can create a soothing atmosphere in the House was built. Do not let the classic home even more classic due to improper design.
To display the impression of beautiful, elegant, comfortable and calm then we recommend that you choose the right design touches. Don't be too impose a touch excessive because the furniture thus will give the impression of a less comfortable. Even in this case the concept of color selection also should note well.
On the furniture with a classic style and modern blend will display a more beautiful and presentable. Even more soothing and will look fine. This combination must be combined appropriately so that it displays a style that is more beautiful.
In this setting the furniture in the style of classic modern design will feature a more simple but charming. Usually most of the furniture that used to use materials from wood and put some classic style furnishings.
For the design of indoors should use a touch of color selection the right room. So it will give the impression of a more freely and comfortably. The use of soft colors certainly will soothe interior design home color at times.
Additional accessories in your home to add to the impression that more beautiful. For example, by displaying the flower vase, mirrors, lamps, plants, vases, frames and more. Rows with clean and terkonsep it will look more comfortable.
The concept of structuring became one of the key success to create the look of the House first era thus look more beautiful and very elegant. Don't underestimate the model home of the era used to be because with the right design ideas will make the House look more elegant and better when compared to other design ideas.
Times used to be home only functioned as a comfortable resting place and is private. In terms of design, the House first era tend to have tall triangular roof, has a spacious courtyard, plafonnya is not too high, and have only one floor, if there is a two-storey house probably is just the property Tycoon. The age of the first Mediterranean type who mostly have curved lines are very attractive to the public.

But this time, the land in the more cramped and expensive, so people prefer to utilize the land for business rather than making broad lawns, there are land may create parking only. Minimalist house which became the Prima Donna of the modern society has many accents straight lines than lines but still look fancy, in addition to the design and modern materials. Currently, Indonesians love with a home that can be used for various functions, such as the House used for stores, home stores, Home Office and remains with the minimalist look

Monday, November 27, 2017

7 Modern minimalist House Balconies and charming

Balcony with summer atmosphere For a minimalist two-story house, a balcony is a very important part. Not just as a place for drying clothes, you can conjure up a balcony so most convenient place in your home. Not just to sit down and spend time alone, balcony could be a romantic place to spend time with the couple. Especially if its position right in front of the main room. Want to know the shape of the balcony House and minimalist balcony railing models for your home? Seven references below you can make a nice idea to sew the simple home balcony you!

Villa Champa

The House is located in the Balangan, Bali appeared not only in terms of natural selection of colors and materials, but also the surrounding environment. With a view as beautiful as this, it's a shame it's like if not equipped with comfortable balconies. With wooden material, balcony at Villa Champ elongated with large enough accommodate the size of your family.

Hotel Sumeru

If you want something that is minimalist and natural, you can replicate an existing hotel balcony in Semarang. Almost all of its parts were made of wood. Plus a variety of vines and the expanse of green grass below the balcony, this atmosphere will make you look like were in the middle of the forest with a refreshing view.

Modern Balinese House at Beautiful Kapok

The home living in Jakarta is to apply the concept of open park in the middle of the House. You could apply a similar concept in your home. In addition to the garden, you could put the fountain in the garden or make a swimming pool if its spatial.

Sonny Sutanto Architects New Office

If by chance you are one office building with the House, the idea of Sonny Chinese Indonesian surname Architects New Office this can you apply. For a more comfortable work atmosphere you can connect the Office space on the second floor with a balcony. Install transparent glass or door wide so that while you're away, you can just directly out onto the balcony to refresh the mind.

Samara Pictures Production House

This building is the Office an informal disdain to seek ideas and manage the variety of film production. No wonder in terms of design as well as its material, Samara Pictures Production House very minimalist, especially the balcony section. For those of you who is a are free-spirited and liked something unique, a balcony with a jarring-the Webs could be this barrier You follow. Don't forget to put a pair of lounge chairs to relax with your colleagues

Balcony Corner

No matter how small the space remaining on your balcony, don't miss the opportunity to have a relaxing room in there. By utilizing one angle only, you can still spend time chatting both with couples while gazing at the scenery under your home.

Comfy Balcony

A small balcony with comfortable padded sofa will surely become your favorite corner along with a partner. In the afternoon a variety of green plants in small pots will refresh the eyes. To improve the atmosphere of the evening, add twinkle lights to the unique decor.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Folding Bed Solutions Save Space

For those of you who live in apartments or condos that can save furniture of the room will be very helpful at all. The limitations of the room into one of the main problems of each person living there. Furniture-furniture such as a sofa which can be used as a bed, a table that can be folded, or seats that can be enabled to become the table will be an option for those of you who live in apartments or condos.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Examples of Painting On 3D Floor room, living room, kitchen, bathroom

3D floor of the paintings on the Interior of the House is cool – use of current floor painting indeed is often used by various circles of society, especially the appearance of 3 dimensional support will make you more comfortable seeing the painting the floor. Up to now, there are many models of existing floor painting, from the start of the modern floor painting, painting the floor of a classic and much more. At the meeting this time I also want to share information about the 3d floor painting interior houses cool. The Interior of the home has indeed been one of the use of various accessories, including 3-dimensional floor painting which I'll share at the meeting this time. 3D floor design this is the latest trend in the world of modern interiors, with the look of a painting, beautiful 3D floor as if real would make its own shades while you are on these spaces, in addition to the use of the 3D floor will also be adding to the impression created by the residents so will keep him feel welcome at home, as the booster design ideas, following the example of 3-dimensional floor painting the interior of the House.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Setting The Illumination Lamps Minimalist

The living room is a room that is almost always exist in every home. The living room was good and comfortable not only seen from the living room design or furniture-furniture. But the cozy living area also has good lighting and enough, not too bright or not too dark. To that end, in addition to creating a window in your living room for air circulation and lighting, putting a lamp will also be one of the things that must be done to get a comfortable living room.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Wooden House Design Modern Art Valued High

Building a House can be built using any materials, including building a House with wood. At the time of first construction of houses using wood materials is common, especially in continental Europe. Now along with the times, wooden houses are harder to find. There are rarely people who build houses with wooden walls because it is considered outdated and not sea wet home with brick walls. In addition, the manufacture of wooden houses are indeed cost more expensive than with a brick wall. This is because, the wood materials used must be strong wood and good quality.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Tips On Creating A Personal Workspace

Have a private workspace is one of the things that is very exciting. Moreover, for those of you who have a job so it takes quite a lot of extra time to do all that work at home. By having the work space at home, you can freely work on all your work without fear of being hassled by anyone. For that, your workspace should be at tata as comfortable as possible and able to fulfill all the things you need in your work. Have a comfortable working space will make you more relaxed in doing everything.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Door Carving Design Ornamental Door Jamb Jepara Indonesia

The design of the door of the home of ornamental door jamb door – ornamental door jamb door model is one of the famous House will be carving and design complexity. Because of the intricacies of carving and design make the ornamental door jamb door votes have more value as compared to other types of doors. An if using ornamental door jamb door then his house would look sturdy and beautiful. And in general the materials used for the door of the home of ornamental door jamb i.e. teak wood have a quality number one who is famous for his strength. Talk about the design of the door of the home of ornamental door jamb, right now it's an awful lot of type and model.